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Insist on genuine Dayton Wire Wheels™ – The undisputed quality leader in manufacturing wire wheels. Manufactured in the U.S.A. since 1916 , our wire wheels combine precision engineering and premium construction that allow us to offer the industries only maintenance free wire wheel(never need truing).
When we received the call from Stew Jones Restoration for 18x9 and 18x10 spline drive wire wheels for this project we knew it would be something special....

Dayton Wire Wheels History

1916 was the year that Dayton Wire Wheel was established in Dayton, Ohio and would become the premier designer and manufacturer of wire wheels for the next ninety five years and beyond.

From the beginning, Dayton Wire Wheel set a high quality standard for the automotive industry. The Wright Brothers depended on Dayton Wire Wheel, Henry Ford chose Dayton's, as did Charles Lindburgh for the Spirit of St. Louis. Auburn, Cord and December rode on Dayton's, along with nearly thirty other makes. Dayton Wire Wheels were also put to the test for thirty years of racing in the Indianapolis 500. Today, this heritage of quality and durability still lives in every wire wheel that leaves the plant in Dayton, Ohio.

British and Italian sports car owners choose Dayton's and the Lowrider crowd hops and dances on Daytons.  Street rod designers and builders have discovered Daytons and Harley-Davidson owners ride on American Wire Wheels made by Dayton.

Over the years, Dayton Wire Wheels have evolved through the incorporation of new technology and superior materials, changing with the times without compromising the classic styling. As a result, today’s Dayton Wire Wheel is not only distinctive and prestigious, but contemporary.