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Posies Driven Dirty Tour was a challenge thrown down by “Dutch” at the 2005 SEMA show: How about we get a handful of manufacturers to build cars and drive them from Cincinnati to the  in Las Vegas to next year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas? A handful of enthusiastic supporters signed up, including Dayton Wire Wheel. The theme of the Driven Dirty Tour (DDT) was to build a vehicle utilizing industry components to prove their reliability on a cross country tour. Dayton Wire Wheel was signed up, but had no vehicle prepared for the trip. Upon returning to Dayton, Ohio, the search began for a suitable build project.

What Dayton Wire Wheel (Dayton) did not know was that other participants were going to purchase most everything they needed to build a car from scratch – mostly from new parts. Apparently, Dayton overemphasized the word “Dirty” in the Driven Dirty Tour.

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Rat Rod Project Photo Gallery - Rat1
Things are not always what they appear to be, For example, The wheels on the Dayton Wire Wheel "37" Ford ( The Rat ) appear to be a set of very old and weathered wire wheels that were used back in the early 40"s as test wheels for the company. But in reality the wheels are brand new Dayton Triple Cross Wire Wheels that were built for the "Project 37" to match the rest of the car and to show the wire wheel is the perfect wheel to customize with all the different finishes available for the rim, center hub, spokes and nips. For the "37" we took new outer rims and primered red oxide with green top coat and carefully sanded through the top coat until the red oxide showed through ( Extra aging was achieved by bashing the rim with a chain ) The spokes were aged by soaking in an acid bath and the center Knock Off cap was left in the natural brass finish with holes drilled in each ear of the cap for weight savings. ( yeah right)
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